In the latest debate of "is coffee healthy?", research shows that caffeine may be effective in fighting against inflammation and cardiovascular disease. 

We've heard it all before - "coffee is bad for you! coffee is good for your health!"

I think at this point the only thing we can be certain of is that too much coffee stains your teeth. But, according to the Stanford University School of Medicine, caffeine is good for your health and may help you live longer (until a new study says otherwise).

In their journal published in Nature Medicine, researchers looked at blood samples of 100 young and old people. They discovered older people with low inflammation levels had one thing in common: they drank coffee regularly!

Since caffeine blocks the molecule adenosine, this could possibly also block pathways for inflammatory molecules. This means caffeine may work in combating inflammation and cardiovascular disease as we age.

The discovery may not be the final answer for cardiovascular disease, but it does help in finding actual treatment for it.

You can read about the study in Natural Medicine.

Otherwise, go ahead and have yourself 5 cups of coffee.


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