The countdown to Christmas has begun, the nip in the air that has been missing for the most part is coming, the shopping is continuing, and the North Pole is all a buzz with the "Jolly Fat Man" getting ready for his marathon to get gifts to all the good girls and boys.  You don't Believe?  Maybe a bunch of songs that has Santa written into them will make you feel less of a Scrooge.  Welcome to this week's festive  version of "The Playlist".

All this month on Monday, the focus of "The Playlist" is the holidays and the many great songs that come out to play once a year, and some that unique ties to the focus of the list.  Today it's all about "Santa" and it's many versions.  Kris Kringle has been called "St. Nick", "Father Christmas", and simply Santa.  Many holiday songs pay some tribute to him - all with joy, some with a sense a humor, and always entertaining.

Santa Claus has been the focus of many classic cartoon specials and big screen movies.  From the Rankin Bass animated specials, to Tim Allen putting on the Santa suit of 3 movies, and his role in making Rudolph a legend with his "Red Nose" - yes, even his not so special moments are saluted with these "Santa Songs".

Santa is saluted in every form on "The Playlist" - most of the songs you know, some may surprise, and  look carefully at a couple non-traditional tunes of Santa:

Madonna - Santa Baby (she got her early Xmas gift - Halftime concert @ The Super Bowl)

Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Best Version Ever!)

John Mellencamp - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (and I was scared for life!)

Buster Poindexter - Is That You Santa Claus? (he was in a holiday classic film - Scrooged as "The Ghost of Xmas Past")

Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus (last used in Fred Claus)

Elmo and Patsy - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (did they prove Santa was driving?)

Sheryl Crow - Blue Christmas (from "A Year Without A Santa Claus", and Crow's version reminds you of the little girl singing in the cartoon)

ZZ Top - Gimmie All Your Lovin' (used in The Santa Clause movie, plus the band's beards now look like Santa's)

Eddie Money / Ronnie Spector - Everybody Loves Christmas (The Santa Clause 2 now in the house)

Dave Edmunds - Run Run Rudolph ("Santa's gotta make it", and he does thanks to that Red Nose)

The Smithereens - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (goes down in history because of Santa)

Brian Setzer - Dig That Crazy Santa Claus (Rock-A-Billy style!)

Josh Groban - Believe (The Polar Express to Santa's home, and you have to Believe to feel Santa)

Everclear - Santa Monica (Santa is there - My Rules!)

The Chipmunks - Christmas Don't Be Late (the boys ask Santa to hurry - did Alvin ever get that damn Hula Hoop?)

Weird Al Yankovic - The Night Santa Went Crazy (Santa goes Rambo on everyone - too funny!)

Sugar Ray - Little St. Nick (Santa's sleigh, and the band wished him a Merry Xmas)

Kimberly Locke - Up On The House Top (Down the chimney comes St. Nick)

Greg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas (his other alternate identity)

Next week on "The Playlist" - we feel Christmas Time in all of it's love.  Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas here for future versions of "The Playlist".