A woman arriving at college
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Rutgers University's Camden campus is cutting campus costs for many incoming freshman, that families making $60,000 a year or less won't have to pay any tuition. This is great news too for those students who would not have been able to afford it otherwise.

Rutgers-Camden "Bridging the Gap" program will pay for any remaining tuition and campus fees for low-income students upon completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). And as a recent college graduate, I understand the struggle of trying to  scrounge up money for school.

This program will be available to those student who graduate from high school and enroll in 2016. It will pay the general campus fees that typically total to $14,000 per academic year, (room and board not included).
Students who do not fit in the low-income bracket, will also receive some help too with this program. For those families that make between $60,000-$100,000, the program will cover half of the remaining tuition after federal grants.

And as usual, in order to be able to renew this grant students would need to keep their grades up and earn 30 credits each year. That's not a bad deal.

Ah, how I wish I was a high school senior right now.

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