You will not believe what this woman in South Jersey is protesting about!

An anonymous listener captured this woman (who did not want to be identified) outside what appears to be a South Jersey Starbucks, apparently in the effort to protest Starbucks holiday cups this year. That's right, to protest Starbucks holiday cups.


If you remember the controversy last year over the Starbucks holiday cups and the outrage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. This year, Starbucks countered with 13 holiday cups that - you would think - would satisfy everyone.

Following in the steps of the Presidential election anti-Trump protesters who famously are marching with signs that read #NotMyPresident, little Miss Buzzkill was enjoying a beautiful day with her protest sign of #NotMyHolidayCup.

Ironically, she bought a cup of coffee anyway.

Does Miss Buzzkill have a legitimate protest? Take The Mike Show Poll!


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