So you may have missed Russell Brand at the Borgata over the weekend ........... Well apparently we missed quite a moment in Atlantic City that has gotten the British comic a great deal of national attention.

No comedian likes being heckled, but a talented comic knows how to take that negative and turn it into comedy Gold.  Word is Brand grew tired of one heckler at the Borgata show on Saturday - this unnamed man kept shouting Katy Perry's name during the show.  Brand's divorce from the Pop star has been huge news, and apparently more painful than many have thought on Russell's end.

Brand put the heckler in his place with a barrage that was one part therapeutic for him, unfortunate for the heckler, and immensely entertaining for the audience.

The comedian casting aspersion on heckler’s sexual prowess, telling him he had  the physical appearance of an ape and saying his mind contained a bizarre combination of alcohol and idiocy.  The end result had the crowd howling with laughter, and cheering Brand for the roasting of this heckler.

This may have been just a random moment in a night of Russell Brand in concert - fact is that Brand has gotten up in heckler's faces in past concerts (and a few of those moments can be found on YouTube), but reports have surfaced that Brand is having 2nd thoughts about having ended his 14-month marriage to Perry.

Good Morning America touched on this today - check out the moment and some of Brand's Borgata performance by clicking here.

Feel free to comment on this concert, especially if you happen to be in the audience on Saturday night.


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