I went home and shed 'Gangnam Style' tears....



I don't have to tell you about 'Gangnam Style'....it's only received close to a billion hits on youtube.  Heck, Bill O Reily even did an entire segment on this guy, only to prove how incredibly out of touch he was.



That's why I jumped at the chance to interview the viral king at The Pool at Harrah's last night.  I was told that I "could have a chance" to talk to PSY, which means there were no guarantees.

Uh-Oh, I know where this is going.


The Lord of Gangnam Style was scheduled to arrive at 11:30pm, which meant I would be inserting black coffee in my veins at 4:30 the next morning.



At exactly 12:08am, PSY arrives.


PSY poses for pictures.


PSY laughs when some dude with a pink girly drink in his hand yells "GANNNNGNAMMMM  YEAAAAAAAAAA".


PSY then looks at the camera and says:


And I quote......"I only do one interview...two question only!"   Right after I smiled and wished to God I would have recorded that quote, the beautiful woman in front of me got the one interview....two question only.


I'm a sucker for women.


Before I lost all hope in mankind, I thought to myself, maybe I can at least get a picture with the guy, and gracefully sneak attack him with my microphone while dancing to 'gangnam style'.


Nope.   The guy just looked at me and walked away.


Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan during 'SoJO Do You Know'

I think I got about two hours of sleep last night.


But the lack of sleep does not even comprehend the torn feelings.


You broke my heart PSY.............you broke my heart.


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