He was one of the the biggest Internet death hoax pranks ever.  Everyone bought it. 


Alfonso Ribeiro, you know him as 'Carlton' from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, stopped by The Pool at Harrah's in Atlantic City Saturday night.  The SoJO Morning Show caught up with him, just to make sure he was still alive.





Later, I put 'Carlton' on the South Jersey Pop Quiz Red Hot Seat.


Questions included:

If the Fresh Prince had a flavored water ice, what would be Fresh Prince's flavor?

If Carlton was on the Jersey Shore, what would his Jersey Shore name be?

What is a jug-handle?



Last but not least, what is 'Carlton' up to these days?



After I got off the phone with 'Carlton', I couldn't help but laugh at my favorite all-time 'Carlton' scenes.......

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