The CRDA officially has approved 35 million dollars in renovations to Tropicana Casino and Resort!



The renovations will include converting 10,000 square feet to make room for four new retail spots.  A brand new fitness center will also be created that will be two stories high, and hotel rooms in the North tower will be refurbished. 


Let's not forget about the light and sound show that we keep hearing about.  The center-piece of the renovation process will include fifteen screens, each 17 feet high, will be linked to create kinetic lighting effects as the backdrop of the light show.  It will also include five high-definition video screens with moving strobe lights that pierce the sky.  An LED light and video “column” that will rise 66 feet into the air, boardwalk lighting, music and 10 LED palm trees on the beach side of the Boardwalk will also be added.  (Press of Atlantic City)



The initial schedule to have all of this completed will be by years-end.