Disney is known for having popular foods that people will wait hours in a line to get. One of the most talked about Disney treats is the famous Dole Whip. What is the Dole Whip you might ask? It is quite simply Dole pinapple soft serve. What amazes me is that the concept seems so simple, but very hard to find.

Disney has become professionals at creating foods/packaging that are Instagram friendly. They have rose gold churros, turkey legs, Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, Mickey waffles, Infinity Gauntlet cups, and Beauty and the Beast rose cups. Many of these items are Disney World/Land exclusive, but you can get the Dole Whip close to home.

Aloha Soft Serve on the Ocean City boardwalk carries the famous Dole Whip. Now you don't have to travel all of the way to Disney just to get your Dole Whip fix. Not only do they carry the Dole Whip in it's natural, original form, but they also carry the Dole Whip Float.

So next time you want to feel the magic of Disney, but want to save a couple thousand dollars, just head to the Ocean City boardwalk.

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