Rising flood waters over the weekend threatened the happy ending for a newly married couple. Luckily, rescuers arrived in time.

I mean, worrying about rain on your wedding day when you're all dolled up and hairsprayed to the heavens is ONE thing. But the pounding showers and thunderstorms on Saturday certainly pushed the boundary of the 'rain on your wedding day is good luck' adage.

The flood waters in Bogota, New Jersey where one bride and groom had the misfortune of being caught, rose quickly, leaving the couple stranded on top of their vehicle, as seen in the video below posted by NJ.com.

Bogota Police said their new "Humvee" made the rescue possible in saving the newlyweds and their bridal party after the unexpected turn of events. I'm sure they all need an open bar after 'weathering' that storm.

SOURCES: NJ.com; 6abc.com

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