Police were called after a student brought a container of marijuana to Roebling Elementary School in Florence Township.

Imagine finding 50 grams of marijuana instead of a sandwich for your school lunch!

Police dispatched to Roebling Elementary after a child handed over a container of marijuana to her teacher, that was found in his/her book bag.

Naturally, the mother was called immediately. Turns out...50 grams of marijuana were hers!

26-year-old Jessica Sullivan was arrested and charged with drug possession, child endangerment, and drug distribution near a school.

Following this, Sullivan's house was searched leading to the arrest of Sullivan's 20-year-old brother for an outstanding warrant on drug charges.

According to NJ.com, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were also found inside the residence.

Jessica and her brother, Steven, are currently released from custody until their future court hearing.

Thankfully, the situation is under investigation by NJ's Division of Child Protection and Permanency. Read the full story on Courier-Post or NJ.com.


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