An elaborate marijuana growing operation was found yesterday in a home just off Harding Highway in Hamilton Township.

A crime scene bus and several cop cars were spotted outside the home Friday morning, leaving residents to wonder what all the fuss was about. reported that an initial warrant from Egg Harbor Township being served on the home for credit card fraud led to a much bigger find, requiring the involvement of Hamilton Township Police.

It turns out roughly $200,000 worth of marijuana that was being grown in the small Mizpah home's basement. Authorities say 26-year old Luis Alba and 23-year old Miluska Jimenez, both of Hamilton Twp., had an elaborate system in place for growing the marijuana plants including lights and fans.


Luis Alba (left) & Miluska Jimenez-Espinoza (right), of Hamilton Twp., NJ; courtesy
Luis Alba (left) & Miluska Jimenez-Espinoza (right), of Hamilton Twp., NJ; courtesy

Alba and Jimenez were allegedly using fraudulent cards to steal other large scale items, possible to fund their drug setup.

Investigators spent hours at the home, removing high-end electronics and other items which officials believe were bought with stolen cards.

The suspects were arrested and are facing multiple charges.

Reports say several pets including two dogs were also removed from the home.


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