Rejoice, cheese lovers! If your birthday is not today, it might as well be.

In celebration of being on this glorious planet for 60 years, Pizza Hut is giving the gift that keeps on giving, new pizza! And if you are a cheese lover, I mean who isn't, then you will absolutely love what they are serving up.

Can I just say I love how there is a Hut right down the road from work, this is going to be magical.

Pizza is life, and Pizza Hut knows that. This new pie has a certain flavor to it that will take you back to your childhood for sure.

I would like to introduce you to the Double Cheesy Crust Pan Pizza.

The best way to describe this beautiful creation is this: think the love child between a Stuffed Crust Pizza and Original Pan Pizza.

But what makes this new pie stand out from the two mentioned above is it includes an ADDITIONAL layer of toasted parmesan baked along the crust's edge, while the entire pizza is topped off with a cheesy blend of parmesan and oregano.

My mouth is literally watering.

So celebrate 60 years of amazing pizza with the new Double Cheesy Crust Pan Pizza today! Need to find a Hut near you? Don't worry, we got you covered! Find a Pizza Hut near you here.


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