A woman while walking in her backyard to garden was suddenly attacked by a rabid fox July 18th.

In retaliation to the attack, the woman grabbed the fox at the mouth that was biting down on her leg and strangled it with her free hand.

Pittgrove native Tammy DuBois said, “ I couldn’t do anything else to get it away from me. I don't like to kill anything." She attempted to escape and get back into the house but the fox had a strong grip on her leg, to the point of puncturing the skin.

Acting quickly, she then decided to grab the fox’s nose with one hand and its neck with her other. The fox struggled to get free from her but soon went limp from being choked. The dead fox was recovered by Animal Control and begun running tests on it. It was later confirmed that it had rabies on Monday.

Her husband rushed her to the hospital to be treated for an animal bite, where she immediately underwent treatment for rabies that took two weeks to finish.

Officials say that DuBois was the first and only person to be attack by a rabid animal this year in Salem County, so far.

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