Does Philadelphia Eagle cornerback Darius Slay have a problem with America's sweetheart Taylor Swift?

She's just a girl showing up to support her man, but that doesn't mean everyone jazzed about it.

So far, Taylor's attended two Kansas City Chiefs football games as rumors continue to swirl of a budding romance with Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce.


Most recently, she brought attention (celebrity friends) to her appearance at MetLife Stadium Sunday night as Kansas City visited the New York Jets.

It may have been a home game for the Jets, but all eyes were on Taylor Swift.

Darius Slay sent a clear message to Taylor during the latest episode of his podcast, Big Play Slay. He wants Swift to STAY AWAY from the Eagles' upcoming Week 11 game against the Chiefs, which will be played at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly.

Slay stated, "Taylor, do not come to the game, 'cause it seems like you bring the energy of winning."


Oh, so he's not heated about all the attention the NFL, fans, and the rest of the world are giving to Traylor, he's worried that the Chiefs have gone 2-0 with her around!

Cornerback Slay is SHAKING IN HIS CLEATS! Lol.

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I mean, the Chiefs did keep the birds from winning another Super Bowl this past February so, in that respect, YEAH, TAYLOR! Stay away! Lol.

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