Two Philadelphia students were shaken up after an uncomfortable ride with an Uber driver who dropped them far off from their requested location.

Fox29 reports, Drexel and Temple students (who wished to remain anonymous) left a concert around 11 p.m. on Thursday night. Like any university student would, they ordered an Uber to take them home.

When they entered the Uber, the driver made weird comments such as 'I like having pretty customers.' As you can imagine, this would make any young woman feel slightly uncomfortable when in an enclosed space with a stranger.

What happens next was even worse. The girls noticed the driver passed their house, and when they mentioned it to him, he replied he knew and continued to drive.

The driver finally pulled over into a construction site, and opened the Uber app to end the ride. One student says she tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. Luckily, the opposite passenger door was open, and they managed to get away safely.

Uber was notified of the situation.

While the girls had no idea what the driver's intentions were, it still is an eye opener considering how often we ride Uber after a night out. The girls tell Fox29 they wanted to tell their story to remind others of the dangers of getting into a stranger's car.

If you ever feel in danger, I urge you to please keep the app, SafeTrek, in your phone:

Source: Fox29

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