Cold weather is starting to get here and we still want to be able to go out to enjoy a meal at a restaurant. However, if we have to sit outside during the cold weather that is definitely not going to be a vibe. Philadelphia has put out some "safety standards" for those restaurants that are offering outdoor dining during the cold weather.

According to FOX 29, The City of Philadelphia has issued multiple guidelines for the businesses offering outdoor dining that will help them to safely host customers while still practicing social distancing.

We learned from FOX 29 that restaurants will be allowed to have outdoor heaters for their outdoor dining. That is a good thing because being out trying to enjoy a dinner in the freezing cold will not be pleasant at all. The heaters being used by restaurants offering outdoor dining can be "powered by electricity, propane, or natural gas."

Other options to protect patrons from the cold while outdoor dining are “prefabricated tents and canopies with a pliable material." Any tent that is used by the restaurants must have a permit.

It is pretty good for restaurants to be able to continue their businesses after being shut down for so long despite the change of weather. FOX 29 stated that the City of Philadelphia guidelines are being as flexible as they can while still following the "current fire codes and COVID-19 rules."

Knowing that we will still have the chance to go out and support local businesses is such a good feeling.

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