There are two types of people in the world the day after Thanksgiving. One that rushes to the stores to celebrate Black Friday, and the other that celebrates Buy Nothing Day.

How I spent my life not knowing Buy Nothing Day existed is beyond me. USA Today reports, Buy Nothing Day has actually been celebrated since the 1990s as a way to take action against mass consumerism. Think of it almost as a big eff you to all the companies waiting for us to spend our money at their stores.

Adbusters, one of the day's biggest advocates, calls Buy Nothing Day a way for people to "rediscover what it means to live freely."

Those who celebrate Buy Nothing Day typically cut up their credit cards, zombie walk through malls, or nothing.

'Buy Nothing Day' is described as way for people to to really ask the questions, 'do I need this?'

So, what holiday will you be celebrating this year?

Source: USA Today

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