Whatever your level of interest, one thing remains certain about Charles Schulz' Peanuts gang: they've transcended generations. Never was that more evident than over the weekend in movie theaters around the country as Charlie Brown and his famous friends took the leap from the small screen to the silver screen. And the results were as entertaining as ever.

Nearly every reference to Peanuts favorites like A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown were laced into the gang's first motion picture foray. Right down to Snoopy's fantastical Red Barron.

The Peanuts Movie is a love story at its core, with Charlie Brown attempting to gain the attention and affection of The Little Red Haired Girl. But it's also a tale full of teachable moments like acceptance, self-love, and encouragement.

Poor Charlie Brown does get bullied quite a bit more than we're used to seeing. Some of the zingers leveled against him by characters Lucy and Violet are down right nasty. But I think that's all the more reason parents should take their kids to see the movie. It's adorable and highly entertaining, but also offers valuable life lessons.

At just over 90 minutes, The Peanuts Movie is just long enough. I'm so happy that even at 40 years old I was able to revel in the wonder of the timeless characters created by the legendary Charles Shulz. There are truly his legacy. I can't wait to add this movie to my beloved Peanuts collection.

The verdict: The Peanuts Movie is a must-see for all ages.

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