Pauly D is known for many things such as being a GTL king, fist pump master and a DJ for the hottest clubs in the world. But did you know that he is also trying to be known as the Italian subs guy? According to Screen Rant, Pauly D is investing in a new type of business and that is Pauly D's Italian Subs.

Unfortunately, this is not a type of restaurant that you can go to and sit for a little to enjoy your Italian sub. It was stated on Screen Rant that Pauly D's Italian Sub is a virtual restaurant and you can order your food through GrubHub.

After searching on GrubHub it shows that Pauly D's Italian Subs actually does deliver in the Philadelphia area. From what is stated on GrubHub, it is a regular sub that includes "genoa salami, capicola, artisan pesto and spreads, and finished with signature vinaigrette ‘drip’.”

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Many of the Jersey Shore cast members have started some successful businesses over the years. According to Screen Rant, the idea for Pauly D's Italian Subs came from "Pauly's love for corner deli shops."

A tweet shared by Pauly D shows that Pauly D's Italian Subs have been around since March 18th but it just recently started being offered in the Philadelphia area.

If you want to get a sub from Pauly D's Italian Subs you may want to preorder it because from the looks of it they only have deliveries at 6:15 pm. On GrubHub, it shows that Pauly D's Italian Subs is located at 532 N 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

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