"Jersey Shore's" Pauly D reportedly met his 5-month-old baby for the first time yesterday according to TMZ. 

amanda markert

The mother's name is Amanda Markert. She is a waitress at Hooters in Atlantic City and supposedly lives in Egg Harbor. They've worked out a temporary truce in their custody battle and Amanda has agreed to let Pauly meet their daughter Amabella.

pauly d baby 1
pauly d baby 2

Sources close to Amanda told TMZ that the meeting took place at a neutral location somewhere near Amanda's home.

Reportedly the baby was conceived during a drunken night in Vegas back in 2012.  Amabella was born back in May.

Markert says Pauly's interest in his daughter is all for show and is not real.

A rep for Pauly D had no comment.

[source: TMZ]

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