If you were going to stop by Target in Cherry Hill to buy a 'Hatchimal' for Christmas, you're out of luck because they're sold out after this weekend.

Apparently dozens of parents waited on line Saturday night in the freezing cold for a chance to buy a Hatchimal, a.k.a. the hottest toy this holiday season.

Mind you this wasn't on Black Friday, this was on a normal Saturday in December. People camped out at 11:30pm just to be there once Target's doors opened Sunday morning.

I had zero idea what these Hatchimals were until my coworker explained them to me. They're these fuzzy toys, like a Furby, that hatch from an egg. But you never know what Hatchimal you're going to get! Okay, okay that is pretty cool.

We have to give a round of applause to these parents who just want to make sure their children have an amazing Christmas morning.Especially after the cold weekend we just had!

Holiday shopping is no joke.

Source: Fox29 News

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