Here in Jersey, we like to do things a little differently than most people.

We're louder, we know everyone's business, and we ALL know how to throw a good party. That's especially true for weddings. Unless the bride and groom plan on the wedding not being a huge and dramatic affair, New Jersey weddings are always a blast. Sure, to some people they may seem over-the-top, but everyone in Jersey (for the most part) loves a good party.

What separates a Jersey wedding from all the rest? Well, for one thing, we all love to dance. Attend a wedding here in the Garden State and you'll find that the dance floor won't stay empty for too long. Sure, you always have a few wallflowers in the group, but even if they're not dancing, they're still a part of the fun.

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When attending a Jersey wedding, there are a few song choices that are pretty much staples at this point. They're must-haves on your wedding playlist. Anything by Bruce Springsteen is a must. You'll almost always hear something from Frankie Valli or Frank Sinatra. One song that you'll ALWAYS hear at a New Jersey wedding that not too many people are keen on putting on their wedding playlists nowadays is "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond.

You need to understand how wild that is for someone from the Garden State to hear. EVERYONE loves some "Sweet Caroline." The best part? Hearing everyone on the dance floor scream "so good, so good, SO GOOD!" It's not a Jersey wedding without it!

Believe it or not, a new video posted to TikTok by the account @PoshDJs says that the Neil Diamond hit is on the list of top 5 songs people DON'T want played at their wedding. Surprised? If you hail from the Garden State, you sure are!

@poshdjs Top do not play list songs for 2021 #weddingnj #weddingdjnj #njwedding #weddingmusic #weddingtips #weddingtiktok #weddingtiktok2021 ♬ original sound - POSH DJs

Source: TikTok

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