It's no secret North Korea has a bit of a problem getting along with its neighbors to the south, or any other direction for that matter, but one BIG mistake Wednesday nearly set off a war -- literally!

The North Korean women's soccer team was getting ready to take on Colombia when, during player introductions on a big screen, Olympic organizers accidentally put up a North Korean player smiling next to South Korea's flag.


The North Koreans were slightly less than pleased. In fact, it took an hour just to convince them to come onto the field.

Organizers issued a statement apologizing for the error. But it didn't end there, check out this story from to find out why even the statement had some issues.

Flag Flap

The flag flap comes amid ongoing tensions between the neighbors, including an apparently failed rocket launch from the North Korean side.

Hopefully, this little mishap will go unnoticed, and the Olympic Games can go on without a hitch!


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