An Ocean County man was arrested by Florida Investigators after he told greeters at a Disney World resort that al-Qaida sent him to "blow the place up."

Brick resident Gregory Lazarchick, 56, was arrested by Orange County Sheriff's deputies on Tuesday for making a false bomb threat involving Disney World.

The threat occurred on July 21st at Saratoga Springs Resort. Lazarchick was telling employees what he was going to do when they asked how his day was was. He then told them he wasn't joking.

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When officials finally spoke to him, Lazarchick admitted to saying something about al-Qaida, but couldn't recall what he exactly said. He was though remorseful and apologetic afterwards.

Authorities searched his room but did not find any bomb-making materials.

According to his sister, he suffered a head injury four years ago and sometimes says things that are deemed inappropriate. She adds that he has not been himself since his wife died last year.

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