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Even though I highly doubt this is what the operators utter right before pressing the "Go" button, I'm good with thrasher, not so much crasher. But, that's what these tests are for!

Playland's Castaway Cove pier was testing rides before the start of the season when one of the dummies from the GaleForce roller coaster fell and damaged the motel roof next door. NJ.com reports that luckily, there were no injuries as a result, thank goodness.

The park has claimed the issue had nothing to do with the ride itself, but with the dummy. Basically, the dummy malfunctioned. The park's Vice President even said that what happened would never occur with an actual person in the seat since once the safety bar is lowered, you're strapped in with no chance of a shift in stiffness.

It seems as though parents will have nothing to fear come opening weekend. After all, this is the exact purpose of the test runs. You should probably think about staying somewhere other than the motel next door, though.... just in case.

Source: NJ.com


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