The holidays at the South Jersey beaches have come and gone. With their departure comes down Ocean City's beloved North and South Street Christmas Trees.

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In case you're unfamiliar with the tradition, Ocean City resident Sue McElwee has been placing a Christmas tree on the North Street beach for a few years now. This year, though, the sentiment was felt even more deeply due to the state of the world. With the quarantine and COVID-19 worries consuming everyone's daily thoughts to the stresses that weighing on everyone's hearts due to the election, the Christmas trees on the two Ocean City beaches served as a ray of light during those times for not only the island's residents, but those from the surrounding towns on the mainland, as well. reports that McElwee took down the tree that was placed on the North Street beach at the start of the holiday season, but didn't want to leave the spot bare. After donating the tree to the Funny Farm Animal Rescue, McElwee and her family decided to collect shells and wound up constructing a huge peace sign on the beach that has captured a lot of attention over the last few days.

After seeing it on social media, people have been making their way to the beach to leave positive messages for a better 2021 on the shells. McElwee placed a few permanent markers around the display for people to share comforting words and inspiring messages on each shell.

Read more about the Ocean City shell peace sign HERE.



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