With a few days until Easter, it's time to start thinking outside of the box when decorating your eggs!  We give you 5 fresh ideas, like these funky neon spider eggs...










1.  Neon Spider Web Eggs

--boil eggs

--crack shell slightly (but do not peel off yet!)

--dip in food coloring of your choice

--now peel, and voila!







Crystal Writer, Flickr.com



2.  Lace

--dip boiled eggs in dye color of your choice

--use lace stencil (even a doily will work) and use black paint to stipple your design

--or cut a small piece of actual lace, spray egg with craft adhesive, and attach fabric









Oakley Originals, Flickr.com



3.  Tie-dyed

--boil eggs and wrap gently all ways with rubber bands

--dip eggs into multiple shades of dye

--once eggs are dry, remove rubber bands








tdietmut, Flickr.com



4.  The Zen Egg

This egg is very equal, all things yen, all things yang!

--simply boil eggs and use craft paint to paint out this precise design











ronandsunshine, Flickr.com



5.  Sparkles

--boil eggs and dip in dye

--once eggs are dry, spray with craft adhesive and dip into your choice of glitter

--then, simply take a small flower sticker (I like the ones used for scrapbooking) and affix it to the egg