Usually, these beautiful lights are only visible to those who live in certain parts of the Northern U.S., Canada, and Alaska. Well there is a chance that all of us here in New Jersey might get a glimpse of these astounding lights. Why? Because of a Coronal-Mass Ejection released by the sun. According to, this means that different particles that co-mingle with the sun are being pushed further south from the North Pole, heading in our direction.

So, be on the lookout for a green glow in the sky this Thursday night! You might want to stay away from any bright city or artificial lights as not to confuse yourself, because if we do get a glimpse, says it is most likely to be faint green flows.

Currently forecasters are calling for clear skies Thursday night, specifically in North Jersey. Hopefully, we don’t get an out of the blue hailstorm or snowstorm. A glimpse of the Northern lights could be the perfect way to ease into the Christmas spirit and get ready for a relaxing weekend. Keep checking out the weather near you to see if the Northern Lights will be visible to you from your porch.


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