🔴 Scuba divers were finally able to search the water of Manasquan Inlet on Sunday

🔴 Pieces of the boat were found washed up in Seaside Heights

🔴 Searchers have not recovered a body

A Brick neighborhood was lit up with lanterns on Sunday in honor of a young man who went missing after a 10-foot wave knocked over a boat in Manasquan Inlet on Thursday night, knocking his father and brother overboard.

The 31-foot boat was hit by a wave around 8 p.m. in the rough waters churned up by Hurricane Lee, which caused it to flip, according to U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Kimberly Reaves.

The father and one of his sons were rescued while a search by the Coast Guard and State Police for the other son continued Friday. The Coast Guard suspended their search at sunset Friday.

State Police identified the missing person as Derek Narby, 21, of Brick.

Scuba diver search

State Police divers using sonar were finally able to take to the calmer water of the Manasquan Inlet Sunday, according to State Police Sgt. Philip Curry.  The scuba team recovered the stern, or rear, of the boat near where it went down Thursday night.

The stern was upside down, according to Curry.

Curry said the family told troopers that Derek was in a cabin when the boat capsized and may have become trapped in the hull of the boat.

The search was scheduled to continue on Monday, weather and conditions permitting.

Pieces of the boat washed up on the beach in Seaside Heights to the south, according to Curry.

Candles and lanterns in the Midstreams neighborhood of Brick in honor of Derek Narby
Candles and lanterns in the Midstreams neighborhood of Brick in honor of Derek Narby (Jersey Shore Emergency News)

Remembering the drowning victim

Lanterns were lit in the Midstreams neighborhood in Brick where the Narby family lives Sunday night as a way of helping guide the former Brick Memorial High School baseball player home.

He was a member of the Class of 2020.

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