Every state in the country has that roadway. That particular location that all drivers from out-of-state should check out while visiting.

It's hard to believe New Jersey would have any such highway being what most people think we're known for. And those of us living in The Garden State probably wouldn't blame out-of-staters for thinking that if they didn't know better.

A prime example is the New Jersey Turnpike. In particular, the northern portion of it. That part where the smell of rotten eggs from the refineries fills the air for all to enjoy.

Not to mention the sheer volume of traffic. Valid reasons not to like our roads, for sure. But that's only if you think the entire state is like that.

For those of us who live here know most of the state isn't like that at all.

Turn right signal on country road

In fact, we have many great highways that are perfect for a road trip. And if you had to pick just one roadway from every state as the top drive, then this list below did a good job with its New Jersey choice.

What's more, this particular highway is located not terribly far from that part of the New Jersey Turnpike with all the refineries. Despite that, this great roadway is definitely worth the drive.

If you're the type who likes to take road trips throughout the country, then the following are some options you should try to include on your route. Here's a look at the top roads that made the list from each state, including our very own in The Garden State.

See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State

Photo by John Posada
Palisades Interstate Parkway (Google Maps)

The Palisades: New Jersey's lesser-known Parkway

Some in New Jersey may not realize that The Garden State is home to not one, but two parkways. And even though it's only in New Jersey for 11 miles, the Palisades Interstate Parkway certainly qualifies as a must-drive scenic highway.

With that said, what do you think? In your opinion, what's that great scenic road in New Jersey worth the drive? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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