Planning a getaway just to escape from the routine is sometimes not easy - looking for someplace affordable, unique, fun, and maybe within a driving distance.  You may not realize how close Lambertville is - you are not leaving New Jersey but you are in another world, and it's a relaxing and romantic overnight getaway!

I took advantage of one of those discount deals to take my girlfriend to a Bed & Breakfast in Lambertville, which based on the photos looked amazing but sometimes looks can be deceiving.  In this case they did not do this charming set-up justice.

Chimney Hills Estate Inn was founded in 1820, has all the charm from that are with stone walls in the main carriage house which you have 24-hr access to with many snacking items (their homemade sugar cookies rocked), multiple fire places, acres of land with an Alpaca farm, fresh air, and renovated barns that are gorgeous suites for staying.

The room had high ceilings, a lofted bedroom, a gas fireplace, a jacuzzi built for 2 (very romantic), a shower with jets in the wall, and the sounds of nature all around you - talk about peaceful, relaxing, and setting a mood to a great overnight!

The first part of our journey began with a wine tasting at Unionville Vienyards - part of this package I purchased.  The winery was 15 minutes from the B&B, and at first you feel like that this may not go well, but imagine your surprise when you are welcomed by some very knowledgeable wine experts who have created some of the best domestic wine anywhere in the United States.  Their "Semi-Sweet" Reisling combines apple sweetness with a little tart to this amazing wine.  The pride of their whites is the Pinot Grigio - one of the best I have ever had!

All 5 wines we tasted we superb - proof is that we bought 5 bottles to take home (and now we wished we had bought more).  Good news is that you can start ordering their wines for shipping in the near future.  The vineyard has some great summer outings planned that will be worth your time for your Lambertville getaway.

After the vineyard, it was back to the Inn to enjoy the Alpacas.  You get the chance to feed these beautiful animals, and after spending time with them you will want to take one home, but don't upset them - you see upset Alpacas start to spit and sound like when Barney from The Simpsons belches.

We left the Alpacas to get ready for dinner.  Our package included a certificate toward dinner at a place called Anton's At The Swan.  This old hotel back in the 1800s was actually a brothel, and it has kept its original style and feel of the time.  A small dining room with a 1-page menu, but you will find something to your desire.  From the Black Bean Soup starter, to a Asparagus Risotto done perfectly, to a Ribeye done the way you ask (with scallpoed potoates like you never have seen or tasted) and a fresh Salmon that melts in your mouth - good luck if you have room for dessert.

By Monday morning, we were feeling more relaxed then we have in months.  A great breakfast by 9am that did not skimp (Baked Apples with whipped cream and Cinnamon as a starter was heavenly), followed by a stop in their Alpaca gift store (we has a $25 gift card - spent more, but worth it), then one last visit with the Alpacas, checked out to enjoy the other side of this wonderful area.

In a span of 3 hours we walked over the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge a couple of times (see walking path on the right side of the picture), enjoyed lunch in New Hope at Peace Out Pizza who say their Grilled Cheese Sandwich is the best anywhere (and it is - dripping in cheddar, taste the butter on the thinly cut and perfectly grilled Italian bread), walked around to find an old church that ins now a restaurant, a train station featuring cars from the 1800s, and creating ideas for our next trip back up.

We will go back up soon for a day trip, and will do the B&B thing again in the fall.  Should you see a deal in your travels for Lambertville, jump at it and enjoy this area for all its worth!