The rumors were true!


Nick Cannon has confirmed that he and Mariah Carey are separated, he didn't say why they split.  He just added, quote, "My main focus is my kids."  Mariah's rep refused to comment, saying her focus is, quote, "on her children and her upcoming tour."(TMZ)



There's still plenty of speculation, of course.  One source claims the beginning of the end came when Nick admitted on a radio show that he once sliced himself off a piece of KIM KARDASHIAN'S booty.  Mariah did NOT appreciate him making that public, and she got even more upset when Nick revealed that she didn't give it up to him until they were married.  Meanwhile Nick is tired of Mariah's 'Diva antics'.



Of course, this is all just talk.  It's really none of our business WHY they're separating.  The only real question I have is: How is Nick going to get rid of that  ENORMOUS "Mariah" tattoo he has across his back??!! That's going to HURT!!!


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