I throw out that motto of "new year, new me," because let's face it just because the year has changes doesn't mean I will have the motivation to get my life together. Don't get me wrong I have made changes throughout my life, I am not the same person I was only a few years ago. However, I don't exactly subscribe to the idea of making a conscious decision to make a change come January 1st.

Here's the issue with the whole "new year, new me" motto, most people can't just change with a flick of a switch. Yes, there are the select few out there that can just make those resolutions and keep them. They are mystical creatures that make us mere mortals stare in awe. I am one of the mere mortals, so my resolutions end in paying for a 2 year gym membership and never actually stepping into said gym.

Yes, I paid for a gym membership for 2 whole years which included a $20 a month membership fee for a whole 24 months and two $80 yearly fees. I never once stepped foot in the gym, not even to sign up or cancel. The sad fact is that change doesn't just happen overnight and using a new year as an excuse is the wrong way to go about it.

I have declared myself as a hot mess recently, which is something I should really use the new year to change about myself. I blame sitcoms and comedies for glorifying the 20-something  year-old single female who never seems to get her life in order completely, but comes up with great sarcastic one-liners. I pride myself on those. However, there are somethings that need to be spruced up. Should I make a resolution? Probably.

However, gradual change is much more sustainable than making the change cold turkey. Making life changes takes planning, patients, moments of failure, moments of success, and most importantly time. So rather than declaring, "new year, new me," declare a sentiment a little more realistic. Say, "new year, same me, but with a few minor adjustments." Don't wait until the next new year rolls around, start making those adjustments on your own time. The chances of you making it past the first week will increase.

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