We'd heard rumors, and they appear to be true! Starbucks is opening a new store in Atlantic County. Bring on the lattes!

Coming to the intersection of Jimmie Leeds Road and Chris Gaupp Dr. in Galloway, this new Starbucks location (steps away from AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center Pomona) is taking over the space once occupied by another coffee house, Barista's, which has since moved to Linwood. Residents of the area know that also means it will also have a drive thru! Tres convenient!

Heather DeLuca/SoJO 104.9
Heather DeLuca/SoJO 104.9

The sign just says 'coming soon' as construction continues. Landscaping still needs to be complete. The only thing I'm wondering is will the Starbucks further down Jimmie Leeds at Pitney Road close? Or is this an additional location? Either way, I can walk to this one if need be! Bonus!

What's at the bottom of this Starbucks Cup?

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