Filming begins in February....


In order to raise awareness to a nationwide problem, the movie will deal with homelessness in America.  Creator Harris Haith has had the script written since the 1990's, and is quite eager to begin production.


Could this bring more filmmakers to Atlantic City?


Mayor Lorenzo Langford certainly hopes so.  According to The Press of Atlantic City, he states  'One of the things we want to do is send out the message that Atlantic City is open for business. And any producer, director, promoter, anybody that has any projects, we want them to know that Atlantic City is ready to play host as a site for a movie, for a video production, music, whatever it is.'


Haith will also star in the film, as he will be a wall street broker who ends up losing everything, and is homeless in Atlantic City.


The film is expected to be released at the Atlantic City Film Festival this summer.

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