When it comes to engagement rings, New Jersey has a preferred style and average size. See if these statistics match up to what's on your finger.

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On Shane Co. jewelers blog The Loupe, the experts broke down not only the taste in engagement rings in the Garden State, but how big the diamonds are.

Shane Co. reportedly tracked engagement rings trends across the whole United States for five years to come up with the data.

Those who proposed in New Jersey favor the halo-cut style more than any other, such as classic or vintage, where people who got engaged in Pennsylvania prefer vintage rings. In fact, most of the country fell into the halo-cut category, making it the most chosen engagement ring style in the U.S.

As for the size of the rock itself, New Jersey averages 0.96, so just under a full carat diamond.

People who got a diamond on their engagement finger in the state of Hawaii average the largest in the country, at 1.20 carats. Some of the smallest engagement rings were purchased in the state of Vermont, averaging 0.7 carats. Both Hawaii and Vermont went for halo-cut rings, as well.

So, does that line up for those of you living in New Jersey who got engaged in the last five years? Let us know in the comment box below!

SOURCES: Press release sent to SoJO 104.9 via Go Fish Digital, Shaneco.com

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