Imagine a New Jersey woman's shock when she believed she had food poisoning, but it turned out to be a baby. This is what occurred to a Keyport woman last month. Patricia Crawford was unaware she was even pregnant. News 12 New Jersey reported, "Crawford says that she did not have any major symptoms of pregnancy. She had an upset stomach from time to time and the feeling of a flutter a few weeks ago."

On March 28th she was feeling unwell, but believed it was just food poisoning. Crawford made her way to the bathroom when she realized something wasn't right. The New Jersey woman never made it to the hospital before she gave birth.

Crawford told New 12 New Jersey, "'By the time I got back to the toilet area all of a sudden a baby came sliding out. It was just like…’Oh my God. What are we even going to do?’" She told reporters that her husband and she had no baby staples at home. They had tried to have a baby for a while.

The new mom already had a connection to March 28th, "...[H]er son was born one year to the day after her father died. She named her son William James after her father."

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