Social media seems to be full of two types of voters today: those who got those nifty little "I voted" stickers, and those who, well, just got to vote.

It seems to depend on your polling place, as I have friends in all different parts of New Jersey, some who have received stickers, and some who only received a blank stare when they inquired about one. (I won't have a chance to vote until I get out of work today, but I don't recall ever getting a sticker at my polling place in Red Bank. Womp womp.)

Those are getting them though are sharing them with pride all over social media! Anything that encourages people to exercise their right to vote is cool with me.

Here are some of my favorite local posts:


And it may not be local, but from Brooklyn, a post that especially moved me today, via Twitter:

If that doesn't make you want to cast your vote, I don't know what will. It wasn't that long ago that some of us had no right to vote...I'm very grateful for those who fought to change that.

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