New Jersey capital's new curfew will send children to church instead of going to jail.

Ready for this one?

NBC10 says, Trenton police are creating a curfew that bans anyone under the age of 18 from being out in public after midnight.

If they are caught, those who violate the curfew will be taken to church instead of jail.

The curfew is being instituted after several shootings in Trenton that resulted in the deaths of two juveniles.

Trenton police hope that through this curfew, teens will go to counseling and aid through their neighborhood churches.

In my hometown, a similar curfew was in place for people under 18 to be indoors before 10 pm. I'll admit it seemed to work and there was less violence amongst teens.

But what do you think South Jersey, would this be something you would like to see in our neighborhood?

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