Students at this New Jersey catholic high school raised $1 million after starting a fundraiser to keep the school open.

And they passed their marker!

NBC10 Philadelphia says at Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington, 300 students banded together to save their school.

Over the course of a month, the students raised over $1 million dollars to keep their school's doors open once it got into financial trouble.

Their alumni board reached out to former students for help, while the school held pep rallies and passed collections cans. Because of the massive outreach, they received large six-digit donations, which is beyond amazing.

Thanks to their efforts, they have enough money to make sure the school will be here for the next several years.

In the article, it says fiscal management and a decline in enrollment is the reason for the ongoing problem. As someone who had attended Catholic school all her life, enrollment declines are a very popular issue for Catholic schools.

Unfortunately for my Catholic elementary school, it was forced to close because of this issue. It warms my heart to see students fight for their school, and raise enough money to keep it open for the following years to come.

Way to go guys!

Read more on NBC10, and watch the video below:

Source: NBC10

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