This story is so frustrating because it's going to hurt people who are actually in need.

We've all been there. We stop at an intersection and see one, maybe two panhandlers holding signs asking for money. Now, one New Jersey woman has been outed for panhandling while she had an expensive iPhone X and $500 cash in her pocket.

According to police, the woman was reportedly walking among traffic on Vauxhall Rd. and Hilton Ave. in Union Twp., flashing a sign that read, "I have 1 baby. Please in the name of God help me to buy baby stuff and diapers.", reports.

The woman, who was issued a citation for impeding the flow of traffic and and soliciting without a permit, reportedly alluded to being part of a panhandling ring involving other women, and a mastermind.

Police warn against donating to panhandlers on the side of the road, instead recommending calling authorities if you indeed see someone in need of help.

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