A New Jersey couple were having dinner, when suddenly the woman started choking on her ravioli. Luckily, this New Jersey Police Officer came to the rescue.

As a person who is terrified of choking after an experience my father had, choking is not something I take lightly. So, when I came across this story, I had to share this police officer's heroism!

Anthony Longo and his wife were eating dinner when she suddenly starting choking on her ravioli, NJ.com says. Since she suffered a stroke several years ago, they're both cautious about her foods size. This time, her ravioli wasn't cut up correctly.

Paramedics were called but Monroe Township Police Officer, William Pintozzi, arrived on the scene first. By using the Heimlich maneuver, he removed the ravioli blocking her airwaves.

Once it was dislodged, the woman's condition immediately approved.

To thank the police officer for his heroism, Anthony Longo shared the story with news outlets since he refused to accept gifts. So sweet!

Pintozzi says in this NJ.com article:


"The best thing about this job is being able to help someone like that," he said. "I wanted to make a difference in somebody's life. I'm proud to say I was able to help out."

And I think, Pintozzi has accomplished just that. In addition, everyone should learn how to do the Heimlich maneuver, because who knows? You can save someone's life too.

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