The newlyweds made news for their dream wedding and their battle with cancer. Now they're in the news because someone robbed them.

Ashley is a 5-year cancer survivor while Kevin is fighting stage 4 stomach and esophageal cancer. Despite all the odds, they finally got their wish and were married in a beautiful ceremony as part of a wedding giveaway by Adelphia Restaurant.

Fast forward two weeks, now they're victims of robbery! Kevin tells 6abc News he went to grab something from the trash when he noticed his bike was missing. Turns out, their ATV, bike and some tools were also missing. The stolen items totaled out to $7,000.

See below from 6abc News:

The couple hope that the stolen items are returned to them soon. Anyone with information is asked to call police. The couple are from Pennsauken Township.

Source: 6abc News

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