Seagulls can be really annoying, but never to the point that someone should run them over like this man did.

It's interesting to come across this story two weeks after hearing Ocean City didn't fine anyone over their "no feeding the seagulls" policy. Granted, seagulls are beach pests but they are still living creatures!

Press of Atlantic City reports, an Atlantic County man has been fined $1,500 after he intentionally ran over seagulls with his car in an Acme parking lot last September.

Totally not cool!

A witness to the incident reported some seagulls were badly injured, and two died as a result. Thankfully she managed to write down his license plate to assist New Jersey State Police in identifying the man.

The man responsible, Warren Colwell Jr, faced two additional fines over animal cruelty charges by the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Read the full story by Press of Atlantic City.



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