A new study makes it sound like the Garden State is full of a bunch of Scrooges. 

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Reportedly using the number of Google searches for Christmas cards, the number of Christmas songs streamed, and the number of tweets related to Christmas, the internet and home phone service provider GetCenturyLink recently ranked the 50 states based on their Christmas spirit.

New Jersey is wayyyyyy wayyyy near the bottom of this list, in 45th place. Bah, Humbug!

Tennessee ranks at no 1., followed by North Carolina, and Utah. Pennsylvania made the Top 10, coming in 7th.

States like Hawaii, Florida, and Arizona came in dead last in Christmas spirit, probably because of lack of snow in those environments, making it hard to be in a holiday mood, GetCenturyLink surmises.

So, what's Jersey's problem? Sounds like we need a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past or something.

To see the full list and find out how much your state loves Christmas, CLICK HERE.

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