With her program, this New Jersey girl collects Halloween costumes to make sure every child has a chance to celebrate Halloween.

It all started after Halloween was postponed as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Halloween is Stephanie Masapollo's favorite holiday and she was disappointed she wasn't able to celebrate right away.

Then, it dawned on her she wasn't the only one - other children couldn't celebrate either because of the storm.

And this is how she started her program, 'Costumes for Kids,' which donates costumes to children in need. Ever since Hurricane Sandy, Costumes for Kids has collected over 2,500 costumes for children.

This year alone, the program collected $20,000 worth (1,200 costumes) to be donated to churches, schools, and non-profit organizations. Costumes have also been donated to other parts of the country in need!



Michele Gambone of The Unforgotten Haven in Blackwood tells NJ.com, "I think the world needs more people like her, that want to make a change and be the difference."

And we couldn't agree more.

Keep up the incredible work Stephanie!


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