Get ready for more emojis coming to a phone near you! Emojipedia released which emojis you'll be seeing at some point in 2018 earlier this year. A total of 150+ new emojis for you to express whatever it is you are feeling. We are one step closer to writing in hieroglyphics once again.

In this round we are getting super villains, redheads, a swan, a racoon, a cupcakes, bricks (I want to know who's using that), and many many more. Out of the over 150 emojis, there is one that will be used more than the others here in South Jersey. This emoji will be the emoji you will use all summer long.

Drum roll please...

Emojipedia via YouTube
Emojipedia via YouTube

No, not the parrot. Yes, we will be seeing a mosquito emoji in the near future. South Jersey needs this right now. With summer around the corner, this emoji is necessary. Every single time you get bit, get annoyed with, scratch a bite, or satisfyingly kill a mosquito, you can use this emoji. You can send it to someone who is annoying you and compare them to a mosquito. It has so many uses.

Unfortunately, we probably won't see the new emojis until the end of 2018. We will have to wait until next summer to use South Jersey's new favorite emoji.

Check out all of the new emojis here:

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