This Maryland-based convenience store might be giving Wawa a run for it's money once it opens five locations in South Jersey.

And it goes by the name: Royal Farms.

Best known for it's fried chicken, Royal Farms is a family owned business based out of Baltimore and has locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland...and now New Jersey.

Construction of the first store has started in Magnolia replacing St. Gregory's Church and School on Evesham Ave. From there, four more locations will be opening in Gloucester City, Bellmawr, Marlton, and East Greenwich Twp.

Royal Farms is reportedly well known for their fried chicken, western fries, SCRAPPLE and spam. They're also conveniently opening their stores not TOO far from nearby Wawas.

Definitely stepping on some toes there, and they know it.

Royal Farms spokeswoman Brittany Eldredge tells

"We think there is room for healthy competition [sic] We feel we offer something different"

Hmm, wonder how Wawa feels about their new competition...

In the meantime, guess we will be seeing Royal Farms stores with their gas stations and indoor/outdoor seating.

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