Surviving the sophomore jinx is tough for any new artist.  Matching the success of one's debut album can be a daunting task, but Christina Perri has more than delivered with her new collection of songs head or heart

While the first single, 'Human', is the soul of this new album, it's hardly its most interesting track.  'Human' is very much in line with songs from Perri's first album lovestrong (as is the album opener 'Trust'), like 'Jar of Hearts', but with more body and intensity.  But it's the rest of head or heart that really has my attention.  While some of Christina is still exposed and bleeding on the floor, she's exploring other, confident and content, sides of herself.

The song 'Burning Gold' is a perfect example.  It's the kind of uptempo sing-along I wasn't sure Perri even had in her repertoire.  More dramatic still is 'Lonely Child'.

Then there's 'Be My Forever', a sweet, musical love letter that pair Christina with fellow singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.  They're vocal prowess and subtlety compliment each other perfect.

Perri also worked with Fun.'s Jack Antenoff on the song 'I Don't Want to Break'.

5 Standout Tracks from head or heart:

SoJO First Listen: 'Burning Gold'

SoJO First Listen: 'Be Mine' feat. Ed Sheeran

SoJO First Listen: 'One Night'

SoJO First Listen: 'Lonely Child'

SoJO First Listen: 'The Words'

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